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Curriculum planning concept

The curriculum of this department aims at cultivating professionals in the hospitality industry. In addition to the basic professional courses, it also plans a professional module course to strengthen the ability of different professional fields. The planning program of each module is as follows:

(1) Chinese and Western Culinary Skills: focus on the cultivation of cooking technology and management concepts, and cultivate high-quality cooking professionals.

(2) Baking Skills: Focus on the development of baking technology and management concepts, and cultivate baking professionals.

(3) Hospitality Management: aims at the service skills and management concept of hotel industry, and cultivate hotel professionals. Furthermore, also focus on beverage brewing technology, appreciation and R&D concepts, and cultivate beverage professionals.

In addition to the course teaching, another one-year (12 months) off- campus internship is planned, and students are assisted to obtain at least 3 professional licenses before graduation, from theory and practice, while strengthening the employment competitiveness.

professional module


All of All

Practice Project

Introduction to Food&Beverage Operation

World Food and Beverage Culture

Food Sanitation and Safety

Food Service Skill

Hospitality English

Cocktail and Beverage Preparation

Hopitality Cost Control


Human Resource Management

Marketing Management

Entrepreneurship Operating and Management


(1) Chinese and Western Culinary Skills

Food and Beverage Aesthetics

Western Culinary

Chinese Culinary

Food Nutrition

Japanese Culinary

Chinese Snacks and Pastry

Advanced Practices for Chinese Culinary

Advanced Practices for Western Culinary

Foreign Culinary

Baking Practice

Kitchen planning and Design

Vegetable and Fruit Sculptures

(2) Baking Skills

Food and Beverage Aesthetics

Food Nutrition

Baking Making Practice

Chinese Snacks and Pastry

Retail Sales Management

European Style Bread

Pastry and Cake Making

Japanese Dessert

Cake Decorating

Chocolate Marking

Baked Goods Packaging

(3) Hospitality Management

Food and Beverage Aesthetics

Introduction to Hospitality

Beverage and Cocktail Preparation

Hospitality Information System

Advanced Beverage Preparation

Hotel Management

Housekeeping Operation

Front Desk Operation

Consumer Psychology

Hospitality Japanese

Wine and Spirits

Beverage Management

Restaurant Management

Introduction for Distilled Alcohol

Customer Relationship Management

Bar Operating and Management

Beverage Management and Practice

Coffee Brewing and Practice

Wine Knowledge and Testing

International Etiquette


Banquet Management

Hospitality Financial Management

Consumer Behaviour

Introduction and Practices of Tea Arts